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States of knowledge are similar to articles, but periodically refreshed to accumulate knowledge. They provide opinionated insights and recommended approaches on a specific topic. Contributions are welcomed as long as they follow the same spirit. The last update of this page was on 2024-06-09.

State of getting started

Version control system #

  1. Learn git and the classical branching model: git branching game
  2. Write meaningful commits: conventional commits
  3. Get used to stacked commits: git-town
  4. Always install pre-commit hooks: pre-commit
  5. Deep dive into the specifics: confusing git terminology

Working in teams #

  1. Get familiar with some resources that inspired my management style:
  2. Ace asynchronous communication: want quick answers? ask questions well!

Product & coding #

  1. Understand how strategy can influence organizations and success: google platforms rant (fr)
  2. Explore psychological patterns behind humans: growth.design
  3. Documentation is also a product: diátaxis
  4. Master your own growth: reflections on a decade of coding

Kubernetes #

  1. Install the official CLI: kubectl
  2. Install helpers
    • to change of clusters and namespaces seamlessly: kubectx/kubens
    • to forward all the ports in a namespace: kubefwd
    • to stream all logs in a namespace : stern
  3. Install Kubernetes packet manager : helm with helm-diff
  4. Install Lens as a GUI: openlens

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